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Founded in a coffee shop in Austin, Texas, ListenTo.Us is based on a simple idea: America demands that we have leaders who put Country over Party using the Common Good as our guiding star. We need a new way forward. If we want to change our government, we have to change our politics.

Political partisans and the entrenched two-party system (or “duopoly”) have been too loud and too powerful for too long. They seem to respond only to special interests and personal ambition, putting their egos ahead of our community interests.

America is an amazing place with extraordinary people, but our political system is rigged against our best intentions and has failed us. If we want to solve the many problems we face — a stagnant economy for too many, irresponsible fiscal budgeting, infrastructure demands at every level, security needs at home and abroad, a need for expanded national service, and the need to revive the American dream — we must have leaders independent of the two dominant and domineering political parties.

Together we can build momentum and create a movement that reflects the consensus that already exists across our country. We can band together and rebuild our country and ensure the promise of America remains a reality. If you agree, please join us.

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